Community Garden Project


ATWE recognizes there are families in need within our community. We would like to offer a solution that can change lives on many fronts.

Our goal for this Community Project is to create unity of purpose and goal, while also teaching self empowerment, responsibility, teamwork and leadership to children of families that can’t afford summer day camps and educational experiences outside of the regular school year and curriculum.

We believe, if everyone comes together, we can make this happen! We can help these children and families become valued participants of our community and future.

All Things Wellness will purchase whatever is not donated for this project. However, we need everyone’s help to bring this project into fruition.

This will be an organic garden; no inorganic chemicals will be used.

We need:

  • Volunteer’s to teach and help these children to plant, tend and harvest this garden.
  • Plants and seeds – Organic
  • Compost – Organic
  • Garden tools – Spades, hoes, racks, trowels, dibbers, shovels, buckets, water cans, wheel borrow, etc.

This Community Garden will be in McHenry County IL

Please contact us via email if you would like to donate your time, knowledge, talents or funds to this project.

Together, we can make a difference!