May 2019 ATWE Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

We would like to thank all of you who came to our Inspired Living Expo! We are grateful to our attendees, volunteers, exhibitors, presenters and community. It was such a pleasure to make new friends and bring new awareness about what is possible!

When discussing possibilities about how to build upon our foundation, some questions that we ask ourselves are:

  1. Where is our community level of interest and understanding as it pertains to holistic living
  2. Which basic needs are unmet within our community and what can we do to help?”

A few months ago, we began a project to help address a major issue shared by all communities; hungry families, particularly children. No child should grow up hungry when as a community, we can offer a helping hand.

Our Community Garden Project took shape after learning about Fresh Market’s 1-3-5 Food Drive. Many of our community’s children do not have enough food to eat. Our Garden Project Provides an opportunity for these children to participate, learn how to grow food and bring home their harvest. At the same time, they will learn what happens when a group of individuals comes together for a common goal. The importance of team work and leadership are among the benefits that children will learn as a direct consequence of this project. This project also offers the opportunity to be active and grow within a group environment when summer camps are not a possibility. For more information about this project, please visit our web page: Community Garden Project. This project needs many individuals who are willing to volunteer their time, talents, knowledge and help fund this worthy cause. Please consider helping.

ATWE’s Holistic Community of Members

If you missed our expo, or you loved it and want to know more about our fabulous Members, please visit our website. Our Directory lists our Members according to their services or products. Our Directory also has information about the different modalities and products available, so you can learn more about them.

We look forward to revealing our future plans and finding new ways to bring awareness and holistic solutions to your lives.

In Gratitude,
Your ATWE Team

We invite you to join our vision and mission for a healthy and whole future!


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Looking for a personal growth? This calendar page is for the classes, retreats and opportunities our approved practitioners provide throughout the year. See what is available by clicking this Link



Looking for a change in your life? We have Holistic & Alternative Practitioners, Service providers and Products in our Directory! Browse your options
for better health by clicking this Link


dexter.jpgCBD For Working Dogs By M & M Naturals – Perhaps no other canine population needs CBD more than working dogs. This will be an ongoing series, as the different types of working dogs and the jobs that they perform are probably much greater than most people think. There are many different jobs for working dogs, and some are more hazardous and mentally trying than others. I would be intellectually dishonest if I didn’t address each job’s individual hazards. ..Read More

dr.-a-photo-cropped.jpgMuch More Than a Chiropractor —“My goal is to give the body every opportunity to function optimally. I’m not fixing anything; I’m allowing the body to fix itself.” Dr. Steve Andreano of Andreano Chiropractic is taking an unusual and effective approach to the field of medicine. With an intuitive and holistic perspective Dr. Andreano has been trained not only in the art of providing comfort to patients suffering from symptoms associated with a myriad of chronic health conditions, but, more importantly…. Read More

Full Bucket By Pam Bown –  In 1992, when I experienced the onset of multiple chemical sensitivities, it was challenging to focus my attention on anything other than the reactions that I experienced in my body. Exposure to chemicals was everywhere! I was subjected to various photographic chemicals at my jobs, cosmetics, toiletries, mildew, food additives, conditioners and preservatives, pesticides in our food supply, pesticides sprayed around the perimeter of our home, mosquito spraying, road construction, lawn ...Read More

Demystifying Histamines: Everything You Need to Know | Part 1 By Amanda Thiry – What do you know about histamines? I’m sure you know that taking an anti-histamine can relieve a variety of allergy symptoms from hay fever to hives. But have you ever wondered what a histamine really is, what it does and why it exists? Am I the only nerd who thinks about these things?... Read More



Lessons of a Healer By Virginia Adams –  We are not our story; we are the strength or the inner power behind our story. We are the orenda, the mystical force which empowers us to move through our stories, injuries and traumas and obtain the spiritual lessons they contain. We are one with Source energy or what I call God…Read More


in a Rice Cooker | Khichari – India’s comfort food – It is eaten when one needs some comfort food or wants to eat a light yet filling meal, or when one is sick or has an upset stomach.
Khichari is supposed to be an easily digestible meal and therefore brown rice is not used.Households throughout India make Khichari and the taste and style of cooking differ in various regions depending on the way it is prepared, and ingredients used. A basic Khichari is made from white basmati rice, yellow or green split m. ..Read More

Stress Management and Weight Loss  By Tami Gilbert – There is a correlation between stress and weight gain. Not only do people eat more when they are under stress, but the foods they eat do not get digested properly resulting in weight gain. The branch of the Central Nervous System (CNS) that influences the digestive system is called the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is responsible for stimulating the digestive process. There are two branches of the Autonomic Nervous System .. Read More

radiation300.jpgEMF  By Arthur Cronkhite – When we call something a pollutant, we are implying that it is somehow harmful to nature, the environment(s) we live in and to ourselves. Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution is a term given to all the man-made electromagnetic fields of various frequencies, which fill our homes, workplaces and public spaces. These various EMF pollutants are increasingly being called “Electrosmog”, due to their ever-present concentration and harmful effects to our bodies….Read More

20 Tips for Dating After a Breakup by Connie Jo Holmes – No matter your age, the idea of dating again is hard. Even if you are somewhat excited about it, it is scary. Before I even get into the list of tips, my advice from personal experience is to take time to get to know yourself again. Especially if you were in a long-term relationship, you have to get to know YOU again and remember what YOU like and what YOU want out of life. When you do this, it is amazing what you will learn about yourself. ....Read More



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ATWE is a Not-for-Profit organization. We are focused on you! Our efforts are far reaching, as we strive to educate the community and support our practitioners and vendors. When we come together towards a common goal, we can achieve great things.

In Service & Gratitude!

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