September 2018

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Hello Everyone!

News about our Inspired Living Expo is good! We are also continuing to sign on new Members! These Members are practitioners and vendors who have gone through ATWE’s application and approval process to join what we like to refer to as our ATWE Family. Our Purpose and Mission is at the forefront of everything we are attempting to accomplish – we are trying to get this right!

Expo 2019

Our 2019 Expo booths are filling up, but with plenty of availability left. One of our goals is to offer information and presence from every area of one’s life. This means each holistic, alternative or organic modality, service or product offering has a limited number of booths, divided into sections of the space we will occupy. We do this to honor the publics and vendors ease and comfort. In particular is the need for quieter areas where discussion, mini sessions or readings can take place.


We are hard at work putting more pieces of our not-for-profit organization together. The question in the back of our minds is “What else must be done to fulfill our Mission?” One of the key points of our Mission is to provide a supportive environment for our Members. To help fulfill this part of our Mission, we are organizing ATWE Group meetings where we can connect, share information, answer questions, brainstorm and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Our first Group meeting is this month and we are excited to connect with our Members!


Another way we felt we could honor our Mission for both our Members and the public was to create a Practitioners Class Calendar page on our website. This way, our hard working Members can offer their expertise through classes in their own place of business! This works great for ATWE’s Mission toward educating the public to the alternative possibilities that exist outside of mainstream’s point of reference. ATWE is in no way responsible for the content or actions of our Members outside of ATWE’s Events and Expos. 


Our Directory continues to expand its pages of modalities and services with the offerings our expanding number of Members provide. It’s a daunting process, but we think you’re worth it!


We have included a new page on our website entailing the wonderful benefits our Members can expect from us. We welcome potential Members who believe in our Missions goals! The first step is to fill out our Participation Application. If approved, the Membership process begins.


We look forward to the ongoing growth of our organization and new Members who share our enthusiasm for an informed and unified community! We would love to hear from you too! Help us understand better ways of serving your needs. On that note, we are always looking for help within our organization. If you are interested and would like to volunteer some of your time and expertise, we would love to hear from you!

In Gratitude, your ATWE Team



Looking for a personal growth? This calendar page is for the classes, retreats and opportunities our approved practitioners provide throughout the year. See what is available by clicking this Link


Looking for a change in your life? We have Holistic & Alternative Practitioners, Service providers and Products in our Directory! Browse your options
for better health by clicking this Link


The Oniony Layers of Grief By Hannah Stonehouse Hudson – “When my husband died, a wise woman told me that grief was like an onion. I had no idea what she meant at the time, though I’m sure I nodded my head in agreement as if I did know. Now that I look back, it all makes sense now, and it could not be a truer statement….” Read More

There are No Victims Here By Carolyn M. Greenleaf – “Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. This means that everything in your world is helping you realize something about yourself. Your world reflects what is beautiful and special about you, but it also mirrors what is keeping you from realizing how amazing you really are….” Read More


Creating Intentions By Chris Moses – “Our spiritual teachers and masters say that our thoughts create reality. Whatever thoughts we give power to will be our reality, whether it’s the big stories we tell ourselves from our family, culture, traditions, environment, or our everyday thoughts, judgments, or negative feelings ….”  Read More

Back Pack Safety By Dr. John Himely –  As children are going back to school, Dr. Himley is sharing some tips on how to manage and set up your child’s backpack to protect their spine and back. Watch this video to understand the importance of good posture and your child’s health.  Watch Video

How Flower Essences Can Assist Your Animals By Linda Epstein – “Flower Essences are a concoction of purified or distilled water that is infused with the energetic imprint of the flowers energy. Every flower resonates with a particular frequency. When a flower is made into an infusion or essence, the vibration of the flower, coupled with the energy of the sun, it becomes a high frequency electrical solution…” Read More

Ayurveda Perspective on Cow Ghee By Dr. Swati Mhaske – “Learn more about the Ayurvedic perspective of one of the most important and health benefiting substance called Ghee. Ghee is also called as clarified butter in the US. Ghee is being used on an everyday basis in an Indian diet. People who are allergic to gluten, dairy, can safely consume ghee. Ghee should be ayurvedically prepared for the maximum benefits…” Read More

Matter & Energy By Stephani Uribe – “We tend to see, feel, taste, touch, smell the cluster of matter that make up our bodies… but what about the energy? Energy is emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs….. thIS IS WHAT TRULY MAKES US US. And that’s exactly why we need to work on the energetic part MORE than the physical part… “ Read More

Surreal, Energetic Worlds Reflecting Inner Dreams… By Lisa Nomikos of Gathering Visions – “I intentionally focus on creating uplifting artwork. My art does not dwell on the negativity that is everywhere. We ALL experience moments of pain and despair during our journeys. I don’t want to remind you of that, but instead show you another way to see… ” Find out More

Water Lilly Design By Rita Chevli of Shuban Designs – Rita is a local Chicago artist who began her career in arts by earning a degree in Fine Arts in India. Her time spent living in Japan, China and America has influenced her jewelry design today. She started working in silver in 2004, but since then has branched out by incorporating different metals in her jewelry… “ Find out More

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ATWE is a Not-for-Profit organization. We are focused on you! Our efforts are far reaching, as we strive to educate the community and support our practitioners and vendors. When we come together towards a common goal, we can achieve great things.


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